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Sitmulab™- Through-type automatic penis striker

Sitmulab™- Through-type automatic penis striker

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Sitmulab™- Through-type automatic penis striker
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  • The Sitmulab™ through-type automatic penis striker is designed to provide you with the ultimate hands-free pleasure. With its adjustable thrusting modes, you can customize your experience and enjoy a powerful climax. This toy is perfect for solo play or couple's fun. It is made of high-quality materials that are safe for your body, and it's easy to use. Get ready for a mind-blowing experience with the Sitmulab™ through-type automatic penis striker. Shop now and take your pleasure to the next level!

    【Open Design Allows Manual Masturbation and Oral Sex】The open design of the automatic penis stroker tapper makes it versatile enough to be used in solo or shared play. By focusing entirely on massaging the glans, you can give the glans intense pleasure because the channels actually act on the nerve endings around the glans. You can also use it as a penis masturbator. The head of the penis can stick out the other end to allow your partner to perform oral stimulation.

    【Material Soft and Healthy】This Male Masturbator is made of medical grade TPE material, non-toxic and odorless, soft and easy to clean. The soft 3d channel will make your penis experience the real feeling, and the moment you insert the channel will make your penis think you are having real sex.

    【Powerful Vibration】There are 3 different vibration modes, you can switch the vibration mode according to your needs or posture. From soothing to rushing, let you experience a comfortable masturbation experience.

    【Magnetic charging】The automatic penis stroker percussion device can be charged by magnetic attraction, supports a variety of charging methods, and is easy to carry and charge.

    【One Size Fits Most Penis Sizes】Insertion Length: Unlimited, Insertion Width: 35mm. If your size is much larger than this size, you should think carefully before purchasing.

Customer Reviews


3 Days Ago

I have never used a masturbater before this. The feeling is very realistic both outside and inside. The look is realistic too. I am bigger than average, and was concerned about the fit. It is very realistic and stretces to my size. I was surprised to find I get turned on just applying the lube.

3 Days Ago

I ordered this a couple of days ago and it arrived this morning, I was very satisfied when I tried it out. I've seen reviews complaining that it's way too tight. Those reviews are from the people who didn't know that the tightness is adjustable. I've also seen reviews that say to use a lot of lube when using it. Those are from the people who didn't know that you're supposed to soak it in warm water before use (I simply poured some warm water into it, which did the job just fine). I only used a little bit of

3 Days Ago

Guys, this is AWESOME !! I received mine yesterday and cannot stop using it. Very soft. Very tight. Heavy duty. Works great either hand held or with pillows. Am 7.5 and it is deep enough to take that plus a little extra. Clean up is easy. You will not be sorry. Package is discreet.

3 Days Ago

This thing feels absolutely great! Nice ribbing inside and the material feels fantastic. Has just the right amount of give, not like a jelly type that gives too much. Overall this was a fantastic buy!

3 Days Ago

Solid male toys are hard to come by. This masterbator is a great item if you want to avoid some of the bulkier toys that offer similar features.Pros:→ Very light weight→ Three default speeds plus the option to use the power button as a pressure sensor. (The speed changes depending on how hard you hold down the button)→ Standard USB charger with the power supply brick plug, so you wont need to hunt for new cables should you lose this one.→ Water resistant. The charging port has a protective cover to avoid water damage when cleaning.→ No back. For those who might be on the larger side of things often times these toys have an end cap to the masterbator section of the cup and can prevent you from fully enjoying yourself.→ Quiet. You can listen to my video to get a better idea of how loud this, but overall its quieter than most toys I have purchased like this.→ Light and not so bulky. The handle makes it a bit awkward to pack, but its an easy toy to bring with you places as it weighs nothing and takes up little space.Overall I'd recommend this to anyone looking to buy their first electronic masterbator. It's a good toy to use with a partner or by yourself. It's simple and straightforward and should work great for anyone with a penis.5/5

3 Days Ago

I’ll have to admit that I was a little hesitant about trying an automatic masturbator toy as I had never used anything like this before, but in online discussions, guys seem to really enjoy them, so I figured I would give it a try.To be honest, it seemed a little strange trying it the first time and getting used to how to hold it for the best effect but then, all of a sudden, everything fell into place and the feeling was absolutely incredible!!!The best tip here is to make sure you use a decent amount of water-based lube and start “pumping” with it before using the powered modes, this makes sure everything is well lubricated. The silicon sleeve inside has some very nice texture in it and is easily removed for cleaning and water-based lubes will wash off with very little effort.There are two ways to control the speed, the first way is to turn on the unit by holding the power button for a few seconds, and then a short tap will switch between three different speeds. I preferred the slowest speed personally. The second way to control the speed is to turn the unit on and then press on the top button, the harder you press it, the faster it goes. This might be easier if a partner is using it on you, but I couldn’t focus on keeping a consistent speed doing it that way, the feeling was just too intense.A toy like this may not be for everyone, some may find the motion and noise distracting, but, if you enjoy toys like this, or if you have a partner that wants to use it on you, then this is well worth considering

3 Days Ago

Great product and great service for this seller!!! Extremely satisfied!

3 Days Ago

This is the easy masturbator to used you just stick your member in and the machine does all the work. The varation of speeds will make this work for anyone whether you like it quick and sturdy or you like to go slow and steady. You surely will be happy with the outcome of this machine and your member will thank you. You will truly feel like Thor when you used this masturbator and feel the lighting like feeling from your member to your toes. That ulitmate tingling sensation when you release.

3 Days Ago

Affordable Suction Toy

3 Days Ago

Wow. Just wow.