What is The Use of A Penis Pump?

Oct 5, 2022

It is hard to deny that penis size is important during sexual intercourse. However, more does not always mean better. People have different tastes, different sensory preferences, and different physical abilities. Any penis size can have full and enjoyable sex. The key to success is to find the most suitable location, type of stimulus, or some aids that help make the process easier and better. In this article, we will discuss the possibilities offered by penis pumps to improve the quality of sexual intercourse.


Penis pumps are usually associated with penis enlargement, which is very common. Penis pumps can be divided into two types: vacuum pumps and hydraulic pumps.



Place a traditional penis pump on the penis, and then use a special mechanism to extract air from the penis, thereby improving blood circulation, stimulating erection and increasing sensitivity. Considering that the blood flow to the penis is improving and increasing to a maximum, the size of the penis also seems to increase. However, physiologically, the tissue no longer changes, and the size of the penis does not change.


These pumps can be used before sexual intercourse to improve erections. As a preventive measure, pumps are used more frequently than sexual intercourse to reduce possible circulatory disturbances due to capillary blockage. If the problem is directly related to blood circulation, it is recommended that men use the pump when they reach a certain age or start to have difficulty getting a full erection. If the problem is psychological or related to other health complications, the pump will not be the solution. Usually the situation is much more complicated, and you should start from multiple aspects instead of trying to solve it by focusing only on the penis itself. Especially when the erection is incomplete due to the heart's inability to pump blood with sufficient force. This condition cannot be corrected by acting only on the penis.

The water pump is used with water. Pour water into it, place it on the penis, and then squeeze the water out under pressure to create a vacuum that stimulates cell division. The tissue cells under this pressure (negative pressure) begin to divide and form additional tissue, which increases the size of the penis. In order for the effect to be significant, this procedure must be performed regularly and frequently enough-several times a week or even a day. In addition, the process is not masturbating and may even be unpleasant. Therefore, we must carefully consider whether penis enlargement is really necessary. If you ask women, most of them will choose to stimulate the clitoris for fun, rather than a larger penis in the vagina. It is a good practice to use a water pump to improve blood flow and erection.


For best results, it is recommended to use a pump with a water-based lubricant and a special cream that promotes blood circulation. For water pumps, gel should be used to improve cell division and tissue growth.

There are also vacuum pumps for women. They usually aim to increase the sensitivity of the labia and clitoris. They are placed on the vulva and air is pumped out, creating a vacuum effect that stimulates blood flow to the area. This is done to make the subsequent game more sensitive and further stimulate more intense.


Anyone with nipples can also use small nipple game pumps to make them more expressive and reactive.


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